For Jumpers

Kapos DZ awaits its old and new guests with the usual high quality of services. The AN-2 aircarft is available in the weekends, during the week - following a negotiation - you can jump from a Cessna (1000-3000 m).

We offer several discount and pre-paid options for the tickets. About the prices and conditions do not hesitate to Contact us!

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Ever year in the middle of the summer we organize our biggest event and party, the "Longest day" event when we try to perform the highest possible number of jumps (between sunrise and sunset).

Early August the Wingsuit Boogie is held at our dropzone every year. It is central europe's biggest windsuit event and competition.

During the year we frequently organize Big Way camps. We encourage everyone to join the camps, where you can obtain practical and theoretical knowledge.


Solo or Tandem canopy, complete rig for rent at the dropzone


  • 2-3 bed rooms with bathroom.
  • 2-5 bed rooms without bathroom.
  • tent, packing area or you can sleep in your car.

These accomodations are "tourist class". If you higher needs, we can recomment the Hotel Szarkavár, which is just a few minutes from the airport.

Airport rules

1. Main canopies must be fully open latest at 800 meters altitude!
- repeated low pulls will result prohibition!
2. Landing approaches, turns before landing MUST BE done LEFT sided!
- repeated right side approaches or turns will result prohibition!
3. Specified landing areas must be used for different licence holders, according to the DZ map! The area of the SWOOP course (see map) is restricted area ONLY for swoopers! Everyone must avoid the red area who is not using cross braced or high elliptical canopy, and lands on the course in the specified direction in any wind condition and direction!
- landing in wrong area or violate the area of the SWOOP course for the first time will result warning, second time immediate prohibition! 
4. Exit order:
  1. big formation of belly flyers
  2. smaller formations of belly flyers
  3. solo belly flyers
  4. big formation of freeflyers
  5. smaller formations of freeflyers
  6. solo freeflyers
  7. high pullers (max. 1500m)
  8. students, AFF
  9. tandems
  10. trackers
  11. wingsuit
  12. hop-n-pop
  13. immediate pullers
kaposdz map rules


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