AFF (Accelerated Freefall)

This course consists of 9 levels. Your first jump will be a tandem jump, later you will jump with 2 instructors. Before your first jump you will get the required training on the ground. During the first 3 levels, 2 qualified instructors will hold you and help you freefall in a stable position. After opening your parachute, you will have to approach the landing zone by yourself under the canopy, fortunately with the help of ground staff using radio-transmitters. That way you can learn easily and safely how to control and land a canopy.

Static line parachute course

This slower course consists of 10 levels, which involves 21 jumps! Unlike in AFF, you will do even your first jump alone, from 1000m. Your parachute will start opening automatically, in the moment you jump from the airplane. (This is called a static line jump.) During 6 static line jumps you will learn how to control your descending canopy. Ground staff with radio transmitters will help you do a nice and smooth landing. While doing the next 15 jumps from ever increasing altitudes, you will learn how to control your body in freefall in a safe and effective manner.


Kaposújlak - Reptér
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